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Healing conversation is an art form in peril of being lost to our busy lives.​

-Beata Souders, Transitions Coach 

Armed with positive psychology tools and assessments, formal professional coach training methodology and Gottman Institute approach to relationship building, but most of all passion for personal growth, I partner with my clients on a journey of self discovery and mastery.
 My struggle with finding meaning, copying with stress, building relationships and developing positive mindset brought me here to help you.
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  • 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

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ACC Level Certified Professional Coach, member of ICF and APPCA, Gottman Institute Educator holding MA in Applied Positive Psychology - Coaching Track, doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology..

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Using the method of positive diagnosis is an approach to coaching that "offers a chance to normalize success, measure potential and create a shared vocabulary for discussing basic human capacities." The system of positive diagnosis begins with recognizing capacities (strengths, interests and resources); assessing life satisfaction and psychological well-being; developing future orientation via pathway thinking (creative and focused on solutions) and finally scoring self-knowledge and values. (Biswas-Diener 2010)

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